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The Titanic Story: Timeline For 2000

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RMS Titanic, Inc. Research and Recovery Expedition

This was RMS Titanic Inc.ís sixth expedition to the wreck site.The 2000 Titanic Expedition to the wreck during August 2000 utilized the services of the Russian PP Shirshov Institute and the submersibles MIR-1 and MIR-2, headed up by Professor Anatoly Sagalevitch in association with Oceaneering's Ocean Intervention I and their ROVs Discovery and Magellan 25 and the Company's SV Explorer.

The transponder net was deployed and a total of 28 dives recovered over 550 important artifact categories and over 800 individual artifacts, from assorted bags, personal effects, and coal.

The expedition also found some unique and very fragile perfume vials.Regrettably, the ROVs did not function and an intricate aspect of the expedition had to be abandoned


RMS Titanic, Inc. Research and Recovery Expedition

Some of the main items and star pieces recovered were the main wheel and steering stand, the navigating (Captain's) bridge wheel steering stand, two ship's engine telegraphs, an automatic whistle timer, capstan control hand wheel and pedestal from the docking bridge.

The recovered artefacts were transferred from the Keldysh to the SV Explorer during a well calculated and managed intricate operation.

On August 11th the weather significantly worsened as hurricane Alberto made its way toward the Great Banks, as it returned on August 18th, it was circling back to the wreck site.

On August 21st the expedition left the wreck site for St. Johns and the recovered artefacts traveled to Norfolk, Virginia.

2000 Titanic Expedition to the wreck during August 2000 brought back a wide cross-section of historical materials.

A total of 28 dives recovered over 550 important artefact categories and over 800 individual artefacts, from fragile perfume vials to massive watertight door gears.


Artefacts recovered from the debris Field are not in the same condition we see them at Titanic the Artefact Exhibitions. Before they reach that stage they undergo a complicated process of restoration and conservation. This ensures their survival for many generations to come.

The process now takes place in RMS Titanic Inc.ís laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia, by a dedicated team of highly qualified specialists in marine conservation.

During recovery, the conservation team are needed to be ready for whatever is required of them. The artefacts need to be stabilised as a priority as soon as they reach the surface to prevent further damage due to exposure to oxygen and light.

Each item recovered after cleaning is identified, documented, photographed and given an inventory and dive number. Objects are assessed and their condition recorded, given an object name. All relevant information for each object is recorded and any special needs are flag in red for immediate response on reaching the laboratory in Atlanta.

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