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A Titanic Odyssey Centenary

Telling the story of the most famous voyage in history.

Birmingham based Avery Weigh-Tronix have teamed up with Odyssey Productions to present a centenary exhibition which traces the history of the Titanic from her conception in 1907 to rediscovery in 1985.

Visitors to the exhibition will be transported back in time via an image gallery designed to tell the story of the Titanic’s Maiden voyage, along with poignant audio recordings of survivor interviews.
A selection of newspaper articles gives visitors an impression of how the world’s media reported one of the greatest disasters of our time.

This exciting exhibition includes items which have never been on public show before – including a piece of Titanic debris that was plucked from the Atlantic on April 15th 1912. Reproduction and original passenger items show what life was like on board for the three classes of passenger.

As well as displays of White Star Line China, glass and paperwork, the exhibition celebrates the ship’s Birmingham connections, including brassfittings from Titanic’s sister ship ‘Olympic’, produced by George Field & Company of Birmingham and a megaphone by local firm and famous whistle maker, Hudson’s.

Models of the Titanic as she looked when she set sail in 1912, and upon discovery in 1985, feature in the ‘Wreck Room’, along with a debris field allowing visitors to see how material was found on the ocean floor.

A Window into the Titanic:
Porthole goes on show at Soho Foundry

A Sidelight, or porthole, that was recovered from the wreck of the Titanic 12,460 feet below the surface of the Atlantic has gone on show at the Titanic odyssey Exhibition at Soho Foundry in Smethwick.

The large porthole, complete with its cover and intact glass, has been loaned to the exhibition by the Titanic Heritage Trust.
The famous ship was fitted with over 1,300 portholes and the one on display came from a section close to the waterline.
Avery Historical Museum’s Curator and renowned Titanic expert, Andrew Lound, commented “It is a fantastic item to have on display and one can’t help but wonder who looked through the glass!”
The porthole is displayed alongside several other items from the Titanic including a carved wooden panel that was recovered from the sea on April 15th 1912, metal fragments from a large piece of the hull that was recovered in 1998, large pieces of coal from the Debris Field, and a small bottle of Eau de perfume still sealed that was recovered in 2000.

=Titanic Portlight

German Mumm Champagne with Tudor Crystal Debris Field Captain Smith & Titanic Music

The exhibition is being held at Soho Foundry in Smethwick. To book tickets and to find out about our opening hours, open days and lecture programme, please contact Curator Andrew Lound on 0121 568 1667

Tel: 024 76236556

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