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All those whose lives have been touched by TITANIC
and have since been lost to us.
Look at our tribute to

'Don't Cry Alone'
Charity Single
Bommer Command
Memorial Fund

Robin Gibb
Singer~Songwriter, Bee Gee,
Composer ~ Titanic Requiem
1949 ~ 2012
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to Robin
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Carl Spencer
Titanic Explorer & Diver
1972 ~ 2009
Millvina Dean 1912 ~ 2009
Millvina Dean
1912 ~ 2009
Titanic's last survivor
Edith Brown Haisman 1897 ~ 1997
Edith (Brown) Haisman
1897 ~ 1997
Titanic's oldest survivor.

Ralph White
Titanic Explorer & Film Maker
1942 ~ 2008
John Barry 1933 ~ 2011
John Barry
1933 ~ 2011
'Raise the Titanic'
Andy Wight 1960 ~ 2011
Andrew Wight
1959 ~ 2012
Titanic Diver
of the 3D film Sanctum
Barnara Upton 1934 ~ 2011
Barbara Upton
1934 ~ 2011
THT Friend
BTS Member
Steve Rigby 1959 ~ 2011
Steve Rigby
1959 ~ 2011
Titanic Diver
Hon, Secretary BTS
"And they live in memory eternal and hearts abound.
Whilst they sail on Godspeed waters upon heavenly tides.
So they rise a thousand voices strong.
For what was once lost will be forever found.
We Protect, Preserve, Respect and Remember Never less than this day so true".
John Sherry

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