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Remembering those we have lost

Remembering Agnes Thwaite, 1913 ~ 2013

In Conversation with Agnes Thwaite 2006

I first became aware of Agnes in early 2006 we had had our first item of publicity and as a result Agnes wrote to me. I responded to her letter and we arranged to meet at Willowbrook retirement home in Canley Coventry where she was living. We talked about many things including how she came to be working in the kitchen of the J Bruce Ismay house in London, how she married her Angus, Bruce’s Footman who later became his Valet when they were both 18.

Angus remained in the Imay’s employ until 1933, Bruce died in 1937.

She told me that she had only one half day off per week and every other Sunday. On her time off she would often take a walk along Hill Street where the family home was located and she would see him walking toward her with his head bowed down, she was never allowed to speak to him and he would not speak to her as he wouldn’t know who she was.

Agnes Thwaite
1913 ~ 2013

Bruce Ismay
A broken man after the Titanic tragedy. She said he gave many thousands of pounds to the families who had lost loved ones in the tragedy in particular the family of his valet who was lost when the ship went down, Bruce also paid for his children’s education.

On a lighter note she told me that often when the Ismays were out of the house she would sneak upstairs to Bruce’s study and marvel at all the ship related items that were there in the room. There were models of ships, blueprints and ships bells to name just a few.

I was please to learn that Agnes had been able to celebrate her 100th Birthday with her friends and family.
At the same time I am saddened that we have lost yet another whose life has been touched by Titanic, my one regret is that I didn’t get a chance to see her again in recent years

She was a great lady with lots of stories to tell and I am privileged to have met her and to hear just few. Agnes was cremated on the 23rd December 2013

Rest in Peace Agnes.

Remembering Millvina Dean ~ Titanic's Only Survivor
And all those whose lives have been touched by Titanic and have since been lost to us

8.00 am Sunday 31 May 2009, Millvina Dean, Titanic's only survivor, passed away.
She had been unwell for the past few weeks and only last month she attended the BTS Convention which she enjoyed very much and was very disappointed at having to miss for a second time her 'Evening with Millvina' in Southampton.
I had visited her at the nursing home in April, she was in good form although suffering from a chest infection, it didn't stop her from talking to us for over two hours.

We have lost a national treasure, she will be sadly missed by friends and admirers around the world.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to her family, and Bruno her close companion of many years.

I will remember her for her love of fast cars and slo gin.

"Remember me, When this you see, the baby rescued from the sea" ~ Millvina Dean

It was a pleasure and a privilege to have known her.

Rest in peace Millvina ~ Howard Nelson ~ Titanic Heritage Trust.

Millvina Dean
Millvina Dean
April 2009
Millvina Dean
Howard & Millvina
April 2009
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Remembering Carl Spencer ~ A Tragic Loss

Carl Spencer
Car Spencer
Sunday 24 May 2009, whilst diving on the wreck of the Britannic, 37 year old Carl Spencer part of the expedition team exploring the wreck site in the Agean sea, 150 nautical miles south-east of Athens, was taken ill with Decompression sickness (the bends).
Carl was airlifted to a Naval hospital in Athens but he never regained consciousness, he was pronounced dead at the military medical facility.
Carl father of two was from from Burton-on-trent, Staffordshire, I only met him once but we had a number of conversations about the preservation of Titanic and Britannic's heritage, which he cared about, he will be a great loss to us all, our deepest sympathy to his family.
Howard Nelson ~ Titanic Heritage Trust.

News broken courtesy of Andreas Pfeffer, Titanic Museum Germany and CDNN.

The Wreck of the Britannic
Britannic Wreck
"If ever legend possessed soul Titanic is one so timeless No shadow shall pass over its resting.
It's very spirit alive and free among us.
For not sun or set, storm or calm should dwindle its light that will burn ages bright".

Carl and Britannic were profiled in our Summer edition of 'Berth 44' in 2008.

Carl Spencer, leader of the 2003 diving expedition to the Britannic wreck. In 2003, Carl also dived the wreck of the R.M.S. Titanic in one of the MIR subs. He was a member of the team that located and recovered the wreck of Donald Campbell’s ‘Bluebird’ from Coniston Water and has been wreck diving for over 18 years.

In 2007 he was part of an expedition to the wreck of the Carpathia for a documentary.

Carl, a 37 year old British Technical Diver from Cannock in Staffordshire, had a reputation in the field for leading some of the most groundbreaking and successful combined technologies and Technical Diving Expeditions to date.
He had worked as a consultant and beta test diver for a British designed and built Military application Rebreather - life support equipment.
He held a full Helicopter Pilot license and flew regularly from his base in the Midlands.

Carl Spencer
Car Spencer ~ Pilot
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