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Our Mission

bullet To Protect 'Patrocinor' the Titanic wreck site and artefacts recovered.
bullet To Preserve  'Concervare'  Titanic's heritage for the good of all, today and for future generations to come.
bullet To Respect 'Respicio' the memory of RMS Titanic.
bullet To Remember 'Reminiscor' the passengers and crew who lost their lives and all the survivors who have since been lost to us.

Our Mission Statement
Titanic Heritage Trust is a registered Charity.
Its mission:

To preserve the Heritage of RMS Titanic, her Sister Ships and The White Star Line.

How do we propose to achieve this.

  1. By creating a permanent Heritage Centre, housing Titanic and White Star Line related artifacts and exhibitions.

  1. By working in partnership with other organizations who are dedicated to preserving Titanic�s Heritage.

  1. By providing a membership service for all interested parties dedicated to informing & educating the general public.

  1. By creating a permanent museum dedicated to RMS Titanic.

  1. By providing a continuing research and educational service dedicated to increasing knowledge about Titanic and the White Star Line heritage.

  1. By providing research opportunities in the proposed museum.

  1. By providing permanent exhibitions covering all aspects of the Titanic and the White Star Line.

  1. By providing an educational focus for everyone, including a specific focus for younger people, in order to preserve Titanic's  heritage for future generations.

  1. By contributing to the general conservation of the Titanic Wreck Site and artifacts both recovered and still in situ.
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